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    Our business solutions have been designed to be Fully-Integrated based on a Centralized Database setup with various linked Modules utilizing such centralized data for efficiency, speed and accuracy of operation.  With a secured data environment running on a Windows SQL Server 2005 platform, we are pleased to offer our Business System which consists of the following modules:


   Wizzard Tech has a number of technical and management consultants who are knowledgeable in various aspects of Information Technology.  We offer top to bottom technical consulting, from network and intranet consulting, to software/hardware implementation.


Fully Integrated College Information System (CIS) with various sub-modules to address the full need of a College as follows:

arrowRegistrar Module

arrow Academe Module

arrow Enrollment Module

arrow Finance Module

arrow Student Service Module

arrow Scheduling Module

arrow Medical and Dental Module

arrow Alumni Module

arrow Security Control Module

arrow Library Information System

arrow Internet Center Monitoring System

arrow Students’ Info Kiosk System

arrow Executive Information System (EIS)

arrow Accounting System